Thermal Power Plant Brestanica – LOT 3 – 3

After the completion of the project “Reconstruction of tanks for heating oil extra light and fuel transfer station for tank cars in Thermal Power Plant Brestanica”, NAFTA strojna together with its partner concludes the project within the construction of new gas turbines 40 – 70 MW in Thermal Power Plant Brestanica. The project included the production, supply, assembly, testing and operation start of auxiliary technological systems (BOP – Balance of plant) – LOT 3.
Thus, in the year 2017 NAFTA strojna successfully implemented the second major and demanding project in the Thermal Power Plant Brestanica, demonstrating to the investor its expertise and quality of the works.
Nafta strojna carried out pipeline connections for systems:

Machinery equipment:

  • Supply liquid fuel;
  • Supply of natural gas;
  • Turbine building – auxiliary technological equipment:
    • supply of liquid fuel,
    • cooling system,
    • evaporative cooling of incoming air,
    • supply of instrumentation air,
    • supply of working air,
    • waste water in the gas turbine structure,
    • waste water from chimneys,
    • measurement of emissions in flue gases,
    • support structure in the turbine building.
  • Pipelines in the fuel storage:
    • supply of liquid fuel,
    • heating with fuel oil extra light.
  • Connecting pipelines in kinets:
    • supply of liquid fuel,
    • hladilni sistem,
    • oskrba z delovnim zrakom,
    • sistem ogrevne vode,
    • stabilna gasilna naprava,
    • podporne konstrukcije v kineti.

Total value of works completed is 2.6 million EUR.