Successful cooperation in the project of expansion of the fuel reception capacity at Brestanica Thermal Power Plant

From September 5 to 30, 2022, the assembly welding group of workers Nafta strojna performed work at the Brestanica Thermal Power Plant.
There is a thermal power plant in Brestanica, which is primarily intended as a backup in case of failure of the nuclear power plant or other production units.

The nuclear power plant in Krško was handed over for maintenence work on October 1. The lost production of electricity will also be expected to be replaced by production at the Brestanica thermal power plant.

For this purpose, it was necessary to increase the capacity of receiving liquid fuel in the tank storage space in a very short time. Problems with natural gas supply are to be expected, due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Nafta strojna carried out technological installations from the reception, pumping and storage of fuel, as well as the installation of active fire protection.

NAFTA strojna performed the work within the agreed deadline and with the required quality. On October 1, fuel acceptance testing was already carried out, and immediately after the testing, it went into regular operation.