In mid-October 2020, ELES in Kidričevo started the construction of the international high-voltage transmission line 2 x 400kV, Cirkovce-Pince, which will also connect the Slovenian transmission electricity network with the Hungarian transmission electricity network.
In the area of Lendava, more precisely on plots k. o. Lendava and k. o. Petišovci, the route of the transmission line runs above the area of the gas network – a low-pressure gas pipeline with a diameter of 9 5/8” in length of over 1000 m (7 bar), a high-pressure gas pipeline of diameter 6” in a length of over 1000 m (70 bar) and a condensate line with a diameter of 4” , also in a length of 1000 m (6 bar).

There was also a CENTRAL GAS STATION (CPP) in the immediate vicinity, in one part of the power line’s area of influence.
Due to the construction of the transmission line, the owner and operator of the aforementioned gas pipeline network, Petrol d. d., joined the investment of moving the segment of gas pipelines and CPP. The investment was defined as the implementation of mining works in accordance with ZRud-1 – Mining Act. As a contractor who met the conditions for carrying out the mentioned mining works, had appropriate references, as well as adequate personnel and technical competences, we were chosen to carry out the works. A contract was concluded with the investor. For gas pipeline relocation in September 2021 and for CPP relocation in November 2021.

Both projects were demanding in terms of implementation and safety. During the relocation of the gas pipelines, it was necessary to ensure an uninterrupted supply of consumers. With CPP, however, work must be carried out while part of the process is running undisturbed.

Performed work in moving CPP
Temporary relocation of one production line outside the influence area of the transmission line
Technology – relocation of equipment and installations
Relocation of the low-pressure gas pipeline
Relocation of high-pressure gas pipeline
Living containers
Heating and plumbing
Construction work
Electrical works

With good cooperation with the investor, the involvement of subcontractors in the construction (Legartis d.o.o.) and electrical (El-eks d.o.o.) works, and the involvement of their colleagues (Jože Hozjan, as technical manager of mining works, Simon Törnar, as operational manager of works), welders, installers and others, we completed the work within the stipulated time. After a successful technical takeover, we put both systems into operation within the contractual period.