Cerklje Airport

Nafta strojna concludes for the contractor Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia, together with its partner, a project of building a fuel storage with fuel transfer station and a control system at the Airport Cerklje ob Krki. The company carried out the project in the framework of the renovation of the airport primarily for the needs of the Slovenian Armed Forces, as well as the NATO Alliance in accordance with military and civilian standards, as it will also be intended for civilian air traffic.

Nafta strojna carried out the following works:

  • construction of tanks,
  • construction of connecting pipelines,
  • construction of a fuel transfer station,
  • construction of filling station for car tanks,
  • electrical works – Ex installation:
    • general electrical installation work in / on the building,
    • public lighting,
    • ventilation,
    • lightning installation,
    • water supply system,
    • fire alarm and fire extinguishing,
    • technical protection
    • anti-burglary system,
    • video surveillance,
    • approach control,
  • measuring and managing the storage and fuel transfer station.

Total value of works completed is 2.1 million EUR.